Unveiling the Hidden Risks of Varicose Veins

The featured content from Western Vascular Institute, as seen on KTAR News, sheds light on the significant health implications of varicose veins beyond mere cosmetic concerns. Dr. Mitar Vranic, Vascular Surgeon and CEO of Western Vascular Institute, underscores the multifaceted problems associated with varicose veins, including pain, blood clots, and skin ulcers.

Understanding the physiological role of veins in facilitating blood flow, the content explains how weakened or damaged valves can lead to venous insufficiency, causing blood to pool in the veins and resulting in the characteristic bulging appearance of varicose veins.

Various risk factors predispose individuals to varicose veins, such as pregnancy, menopause, age over 50, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and prolonged periods of sitting or standing. Recognizing symptoms like leg pain, itching, swelling, and skin discoloration is crucial, especially as symptoms worsen in hot weather.

The content emphasizes preventive measures, including weight loss, leg elevation, avoidance of prolonged sitting or standing, and wearing compression stockings. Additionally, it outlines treatment options, ranging from minimally invasive procedures like sclerotherapy and RF ablation to surgical interventions like phlebectomy, all aimed at alleviating symptoms and improving vascular health.

Western Vascular Institute, with its team of Vascular Specialists, offers comprehensive support from diagnosis to treatment selection, ensuring personalized care for individuals experiencing varicose vein symptoms or other vascular issues. Readers are encouraged to seek expert guidance and make appointments for further evaluation and treatment at Western Vascular Institute.