Western Vascular Institute houses the most advanced and innovative In-Office angiography suites in both our Mesa, & Phoenix offices.

An angiogram is a diagnostic test that uses medical imaging technology to visualize the blood vessels. It may serve to evaluate vessel disease, obstruction, or narrowing, as well as to identify aneurysms and other structural abnormalities.

In this procedure, a flexible catheter is inserted into an artery, through which a vascular surgeon introduces a contrast medium that makes the vessels visible under imaging. Once the contrast agent has passed through the catheter and into the body, an X-ray technician takes a series of X-rays, which show the location of areas of disease or abnormalities. These areas are then treated using methods such as ballooning, atherectomy, and stenting of the vessel. Patients generally rest for 2-5 hours afterwards and are able to go home the same day of the procedure to the comfort of their own home.