What are Venous Ulcers?

Venous Ulcers are a common type of skin ulcer. Generally, occurs just above the ankle on the legs. These ulcers come about as a result of venous insufficiency and increased pressure of blood in the veins due to the veins “incompetence” and inability to return the blood to the heart.


Painful skin near a bony prominence.

Risk factor

Age, obesity, previous leg injury, DVT, and phlebitis.


Venous incompetence, immobility, ineffective calf muscle to pump the blood upwards, venous insufficiency, phlebitis.


Physical examination of the lower extremities. Duplex color Ultrasound, a ankle-brachial-index test, and even venography may be helpful if the diagnosis is unclear.


a. Compression therapy – use of compression stockings
b. Leg elevation to minimize edema- elevate at least 3 times daily for a period of 30 minutes
c. Frequent dressing changes, &clean sterile dressings to keep outside infection from the open ulcer wound.
d. Antibiotics, Medication management
e. Surgery to treat venous reflux and prevent recurrence of ulcerations. Surgical treatment for venous insufficiency include: Saphenous vein ablation, phlebectomy, sclerotherapy and ablating the perforator veins. Surgical treatment is meant to improve blood flow to the ulcer to provide healing.

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