A treatment for aneurysm repair, the endovascular stent graft procedure corrects the bulge in the arterial wall that characterizes the condition. It stands out as a less invasive aneurysm treatment as compared to the traditional open surgical repair technique, which requires the complete replacement of the weakened arterial section. Instead, the stent graft technique reinforces the artery with the insertion of a small tube inside the aneurysm.

Once the patient is appropriately anesthetized, the surgeon makes a small cut into the femoral artery and inserts a guide wire, which he or she then threads through the arterial system toward the aneurysm. The surgeon then uses a catheter to assess the location and to place a compressed graft. The surgeon then removes the catheter, which enables the graft to expand within the artery. If other similarly presenting aneurysms are present, the surgeon may repeat the procedure.