An ultrasound that is used inside of the artery in conjunction with angiography. This allows our Vascular Surgeons to have a real-time look at the plaque build up inside the vessel to be treated. It also helps size the diameter of the vessel and the severity of the blockage in order to optimally treat the area. This measuring capability allows them to see real-time not only the severity of the occlusion but also helps them choose the balloon and stent size that would be the best for their treatment. This allows each individual to receive the most appropriate care for the progression and severity of their disease rather than a treatment that is cookie cutter. Our Vascular Surgeons provide individualized treatment to each and every patient that walks into our Vascular Center. We know that each patient is different and presents differently with their disease process. Additionally, our staff are all vascular trained in order to provide the most appropriate and tailored care for our wonderful patients.