There is a word that has become part of our descriptive vocabulary today that serves to confuse and blur understanding of both the lay public and physicians about who should provide non-cardiac vascular care. That word, cardio-vascular, a conjunction of the words cardiac and vascular, has become a marketing term, a catchall for any disease that pertains to the heart, arteries, and veins. It is a misleading term used by pharmaceutical companies to sell drugs and by cardiologists and interventional cardiologists to procure more procedures from patients. It is crucial that the public and their physicians see the word “Vascular” as the term that refers to the arteries and veins outside the heart and the specialists whose sole medical scope of practice and training it is to treat them. Vascular Surgeons are the only “ Vascular specialist“ that is qualified to treat peripheral vascular disease. If you have a heart problem, you should see your cardiologist.