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Western Vascular Institute

As Arizona’s leading vascular surgery center since 2005 our team of award winning, board certified, surgeons have a combined 65 years of vascular specialty devoted surgical experience. Western Vascular Institute is dedicated to providing the highest quality vascular interventions and unparalleled patient care. Our service centers house the most advanced and innovative surgical suites and diagnostic imaging capabilities offering a full service in-house vascular experience for our valued patients.

Our Mission

To provide unparalleled vascular interventions by Arizona’s finest surgeons using state of the art technology. We are likewise dedicated to unequaled patient support, satisfaction, and on improving the life and well-being of our patients through quality treatment outcomes.

Our Vision

Western Vascular Institute will continue to lead the vascular surgery field through clinical innovation, surpassing patient expectations, and retaining the most experienced, qualified, and knowledgeable clinical and administrative staff in Arizona. We truly believe we provide the best vascular service in Arizona and want patients throughout the state to receive the attention, care, and devotion they deserve.

Our Values

Western Vascular Institute is committed to providing the finest vascular interventions in Arizona. Our practice values are centered on LEEDing the Vascular surgery industry:

Loyalty: Many of our staff have been with us for over 10 years. Having staff that are engaged with and committed to our mission/vision are valued and supported allow us to provide Arizona’s premiere vascular surgery services and unparalleled patient care.

Empowerment: Doctors Vranic, Tarlian, Rodriguez-Lopez and Olsen believe that well-informed patients who are proactively engaged in their care are more likely to achieve improved outcomes.  To help facilitate this they will eagerly consult with you, answer your questions, and give instruction, allowing treatment decisions to be shared resolutions.

Excellence: Excellence in service, satisfaction, and surgical outcomes in Arizona

Dedication: Our surgeons have been practicing dedicated vascular surgery all of their medical careers. Vascular surgery is all they do. You can assure that their knowledge and experience in vascular & venous interventions is unparalleled in their profession.